Good/Bad a Lesson

Good/Bad a Lesson

Not everyone who walks in our life is meant to remain in our life. Or remains for good in our life. Most of the time our LORD send such people to us to teach us & make us learn the facts of life, the basic pillars of our life.


Actually in other words we are sent to this world to learn through such people that this life is so short and temporary!  None of us or anything is going to remain here forever! But to accept this fact Lord send many things and people to us!
With whom Lord makes us attached at first and then separate us …. that’s not because Lord wants to hurts us or so!! But that’s because of few reasons fistly because, he wants to remind us that life is really short and we are here temporarily and we are sent for a purpose, to which  we are not paying attention to it!
Secondly he send such people to make us differentiate between the good/bad , honest/dishonest , true/untrue etc etc without knowing such things our life wouldn’t have been easy…
Thirdly he send such people to make us realize that what’s the worth of anything which is good arround us or happened to us… without facing bad how one can realize or feel the pleasure of good
Fourthly he send such people to us to realize that not everything we see at first place or the perception we have about things are really and actually like that!
Everything has a different quality and quality is not made up of certain criteria or standards it depends upon how one represents a certain thing in an extraordinary way! So to make us extraordinary and appreciate such extraordinary we need something bad! Don’t we???  Yes we do 😉
so next time anything bad happens we are going to learn from that …. if someone leave us we will pick their good points and commit to ourselves thst we will never be as bad as they were to us!
Every single thing which happens to us is because of a reason!
A reason that might be is  to bring us down if we are flying so high
A reason might be is to make us fly if we are sinking so deep
A reason might be is to appreciate us and make us realize we are going good! We should not deviate from our path!
Or it can be anyother
The point is that we should be ready to accept the situation,  analyse why it happened, learn from it and move on with a new set of jewel of experience.
That’s one of the priceless jewel trust me!


From life we learn a lot of things like really a lot
but the point is we don’t learnthem through education we learn the most through experience
experiences of different types starting from good to bad
but the point is even experiences doesn’t at times make us learn and that’s only and solely because of our own lack of interest
actually we have a lack of willingness to learn!!! Otherwise every day is a new day
every new dawn comes up with a wide range of opportunity to learn
make our life better or even give it a U-turn ….

The most important thing is to be present in the time you are!!!
ignoring what is going through in the background of our mind
focussing in present makes us aware of whatsoever is happening around us or with us directly or indirectly
that’s what is known as experience
and through paying attention to that is what make us learn about
what happened ??
why happened  ???
how the happening was reacted ???
Last but not least WAS that reaction worthed and at appropriate time ???

Questioning such questions to yourself makes you learn not only learn!it makes us a good observer too , it teaches us patience,  makes us good listener,  opens our eye’s to see how things can be dealt in myriad ways , makes us aware of what’s happening arround, reasons of happenings … their pros and cons…. and that’s what is called learning
And through this learning we come to know how to deal with different situations in life , what happens why and where and how …. which makes us a better person who is full of awareness, patience and knows how to react!
Be Better than every last moment!!!